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The Chutes Trail has re-opened as a dedicated downhill mountain bike only trail. Please watch for trail crews as the project nears completion by mid-November. Please respect all rules, trail closures and share the trail.

About the Project

In accordance with the 2018 North Cheyenne CaƱon Master Plan, the Chutes trail was converted from a multi-use, bi-directional trail to a dedicated downhill mountain bike trail. 

The project included the reconfiguration and rerouting of several trails in the area to accommodate the Chutes conversion. 

The Chutes is downhill bicycle only, the Ladders is multi-use multi directional  (providing connection from the Chamberlain Trail to Gold Camp Road), and the Gold Camp Path is, bi-directional, hiking only trail.


  • Approximately 1,600 linear feet of new trail will be constructed for the reroute.
  • The new trail will provide technical, rocky trail features with ramps, drops and berms.
  • The lower section of the Chutes, from the Ladders to the Chamberlain Trail, will be improved as a downhill bike trail. 
  • Both sections of trail will be one-way downhill, bicycle only.  
  • When completed,  the downhill bike only trail will end at the interstation of the Chutes and Chamberlain Trail (located between the two reservoirs).


  • The current connection of the existing upper Chutes will be modified and designated as a multi-use, bi-directional connector between the Chamberlain Trail and Gold Camp Road and named the Ladders.
  • The new Ladders will provide a multi-use, bi-directional trail connecting Gold Camp Road to the Chamberlain Trail and Stratton Open Space.  Trail work will improve trail drainage, extend sight lines, and have a minor trail rerouting to reduce user conflict and improve user experiences.

Gold Camp Path

  • The old connection to Gold Camp Road will be closed, allowing hikers to use the new re-alignment.
  • Gold Camp Path will remain hiking only, bi-directional connecting Gold Camp Road to the lower segments of the Chamberlain Trail behind Gold Camp Reservoir.

Chutes Gravel Parking Area

  • The gravel parking area will be converted to a designated trailhead with paved parking and improved trail access to the Gold Camp Path, the Chutes Downhill Trail, and the  Ladders as well as improved recreational connectivity to Gold Camp Road.

Chamberlain Trail

  • There are no changes.  The trail will remain multi-use, bi-directional.