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Appealing a Judge's Decision

A notice of appeal and designation of record must be filed within 35 days of sentencing in order to appeal a Municipal Court judge's decision. For more information, view the Appellant Checklist.

Appealing a Referee's Decision

An appeal of a Municipal Court referee's decision results in a trial before a judge where the case is heard again as if it had not been previously heard. A notice to request an appeal must be filed within 10 days of the referee's decision. For more information, view the Referee Appeal Checklist.

Other Appeals

Please note: Vehicle post-tow hearing decisions are not appealable pursuant to Ord. 10.25.105 I.

All appeals from Municipal Court (except referee decisions) are heard in accordance with Colorado Municipal Court Rules of Procedure. All appeals of a referee decision are heard in accordance with City of Colorado Springs City Ordinance 11.5.104.