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The City of Colorado Springs is committed to adopting practices that incentivize clean energy, investment in existing infrastructure, and new projects that are environmentally responsible to enhance the health and longevity of our City, its residents, and visitors.


Sustainability Programs



The nature of sustainability action planning uniquely qualifies the Office of Innovation as a major step forward in the City’s journey toward integrating sustainability more intentionally within Colorado Springs. As part of the planning process, Colorado Springs analyzed locally generated carbon pollution; researched best practices regionally, statewide, and nationally regarding sustainability; engaged stakeholders from across the community in focused conversations about sustainability opportunities; and wove considerations of community impacts for the entire city into the development of sustainability strategies.

COS Love My Air

Along with our Smart Streetlights program, the Innovation office is installing air sensors, so we have localized air quality data. This data will be monitored to ensure residents are aware of what their breathing, along with making informed decisions to improve our overall air quality.


The Innovation Office was awarded funds from the State of Colorado’s Front Range Waste Diversion Program to conduct an assessment to better understand our waste and recycling system, as well as developing an action plan to improve our overall waste diversion system. This project began in November 2022 and is expected to be completed in June 2025.

Community Gardens

There are many community gardens that are on public properties, where we offer space for residents to grow their own vegetables and plants, as well as our partners providing educational events. 

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The Sustainacenter

The Innovation Office manages this facility that hosts a variety of environmental partners to support their mission and offer support to our environmental community. Our current tenants are the Trails and Open Space Coalition, Kids on Bikes, Concrete Couch, CONO, Colorado Native Plant Society and the Mid Shooks Run Community Garden Club.