COS 150 Tree Challenge

To celebrate Colorado Springs' 150th anniversary and honor the legacy of our city's founder, General William Jackson Palmer, we have set a goal to plant 18,071 trees between now and 2021. When Palmer founded our city in 1871, it was a nearly treeless, arid plain. Palmer changed that by planting thousands of trees. Learn how you can participate in the COS 150 Tree Challenge.

Recent Tree Plantings

City Forestry continues planting trees in parks as funding allows.  Here are some recent projects:

  • Three-hundred two trees to be planted in irrigated medians where much of the canopy has been lost over the last 10-15 years. Hardy, drought tolerant trees were selected such as: Kentucky coffeetree, hackberry, honeylocust, linden, Ohio buckeye, catalpa, crabapple, pear, ponderosa, and a wide variety of oaks. This project focuses on greatly improving species diversity in these highly visible corridors, and provides an opportunity to restock  these large, irrigated growing spaces with shade trees to help soften the impacts of the built environment and create a more verdant experience.
  • An additional 73 trees of assorted species will be planted in various parks citywide. The locations are strategically planned to afford shade for picnic tables and playgrounds, pathways and streetscapes.
  • And finally, 16 more trees will be planted along the colonnade that leads to the club house at Patty Jewett golf course.

Arbor Day & Median Plantings

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City Forestry

City Forestry manages a living infrastructure of approximately 300,000 urban street trees and 20,000 park trees

Mission: To manage our urban forest in a healthy, safe, and sustainable state, which maintains our original forest legacy, manages risk, and increases the canopy coverage for shade, stormwater retention and property value.

What we care for: Trees in the urban forest and the native forest of the wildland urban interface, including trees on street right of way and medians, urban parks, trail corridors, open spaces and regional parks.

What we do: Prune, remove, plant, inspect City trees for optimal health of our urban forests.

A Living Investment

Colorado Springs’ urban forest canopy includes trees on public and private properties. This living infrastructure shades over 17% of the community and provides economic, environmental, and aesthetic benefits: $100 million annually in air filtration, $900,000 in stormwater retention, $2 million in carbon sequestration, and incalculable moments of beauty and serenity. Our legacy of trees is 150 years old and still growing!

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