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Reporting storm damage

Where is the fallen tree or branch located?

In the public right of way

If the fallen tree or branches are in the street, bike lanes, or sidewalk, or public right of way, report using the GoCOS! app. 

Right of way (R.O.W): The city-owned area of land designated for streets, sidewalks, and public use.  It includes the parkway between sidewalks and curbs.  Where sidewalks are attached to curbs, the R.O.W. extends a distance into the property.  The exact distance varies from street to street.

Report tree in public right of way

In parks, trails & open spaces

During major storm events, it is helpful to know the approximate size and length of the limbs, and if they are blocking access to buildings, sidewalks, trails, etc. Forestry crews will respond as time and resources allow. 

Report tree in park, trail, or open space


On private property

Trees and branches that fall on private property are the responsibility of the property owner. The city cannot remove trees or debris on private property. You may with to contact a tree/debris removal company. 

You can drop off your own yard waste (leaves, tree clippings, etc) at Rocky Top Resources, located at 1755 E Las Vegas Street. For more information call (719) 579-9103. 

There is no public dumping location associated with City Forestry.

Note: If a tree is compromised near or touching a power line, STAY AWAY from it and keep pets/children away. Report immediately to Colorado Springs Utilities at 448-4800.