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Affordable Housing Development 

The City's Housing and Community Vitality Department offers support and assistance to developers of affordable housing. If you are interested in learning more about Housing and Community Vitality resources available for affordable housing, please contact the Housing and Community Vitality Department at 719-385-5912 or

Who is eligible to apply for financial assistance? 

  • Nonprofit and for-profit housing developers 
  • Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) 

What types of financial assistance are available for affordable housing? 

What activities are currently eligible for funding? 

  • New Construction  
  • Acquisition 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Conversion 

Other Tools and incentives for Developers 

Affordable Housing Development Application 

If you are interested in applying for financing assistance to acquire, build or rehabilitate affordable housing, please click on the link below to start an application and learn more about our programs. 

Application Portal