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This data is preliminary, moment-in-time data provided by the vendor. The numbers count events (red light violations) exactly as they exist at the moment the report is run. As events are captured 24/7, the data is subject to change as events proceed through processing and a review by officers for determination if a notice of violation will be mailed to the registered owner.

Red Light Camera Infractions
Violation Events9,0129,9709,080          
Citations Issued2,6842,5703,415          
Academy/N Carefree150145155          
N Academy/Dublin393132          
E Platte/N Union142166157          
S Academy/Airport0020          
E Woodman/Duryea Dr117121138          
Lake Ave/E Cheyenne Mtn271131249          
Austin Bluffs/N Academy29613          
Platte/N Murray211275263          
N Union Blvd/Filmore St/N Circle Dr1035892          
N Academy Blvd/Kelly Johnson92544          
W Colorado Ave/N 31st St179107281          
S Academy/Astrozon Bl56106290          
E Woodmen/Blackforest Rd227111193          
Voyager Pkwy/ Interques Pkwy13961181          
Dublin Blvd/Powers Blvd352041          
Campus/Woodmen Rd569724679          

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