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The EPA requires National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for certain industrial facilities. In Colorado these permits are issued through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and regulate stormwater discharges from industrial facilities.

You may need a permit if your facility has a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code with the following short titles:


If the industrial activities are not exposed to rainfall and stormwater runoff, you may be exempt from needing a permit. Although, you will still need a “No Exposure Certification” through CDPHE. Visit the CDPHE website for more information.

Refer to the Design, Permitting and References section of this website for construction requirements. 

Facilities that are covered under CDPHE’s industrial permits that begin operations on or after the start pf permit term 4 will be required to submit an Industrial Stormwater Management Plan (ISWMP). The ISWMP components will be comprised of the “BMPs for Potential Pollutant Sources” and SWPPP guidelines as identified in each sector Fact Sheet distributed by the EPA. For more information, please reference the Industrial Facility Program Plan.

Common Stormwater Pollutants at Industrial Facilities

Responsible Development: Common Stormwater Pollutants at Industrial Facilities brochure (pdf)

Industrial Facilities FAQs

Reporting Spills

View the Illicit Discharge page for information on reporting spills.