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About the Hockey Store:

Located inside Sertich Ice Center, the Hockey Store offers a variety of products and services for those looking for new gear, or ice skate fixes.

Available products (tax included in price):

  • Gloves $3 per pair (variety of sizes and colors)
  • Socks $2 per pair (variety of sizes)
  • Hockey Laces $5.00 per pair
  • Mouth Guard $4.00 each
  • Stick Wax $5.00 each
  • Hockey Tape $4.00 each (White cloth, black cloth, clear sock)
  • Skate Lace Hook $4.00 each (Lace Tightening)
  • Helmet Repair Kit $6 each

Maximize Your Skating Potential with ProSharp Z-Channel

  • Supports better glide and improves endurance
  • Reduces friction with less blade touching the Ice
  • Increases grip by creating two interior edges
  • Reduce your ROH by 20% to Equal Equivalent ROH

Cost: $8

Available services: 

Sertich has a triple head custom radius Blademaster skate sharpener for precision skate sharpening. We can sharpen hollows to 16th of an inch. Plus we offer rivet and full blade holder replacements.

Keep in mind, Sertich staff will try to get to your skates quickly but we ask for a 24-hour turnaround. Please allow longer for full blade holder replacements

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