List of Open Solicitations

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Solicitations are provided on this page for information purposes only. All RFP’s and IFB’s that are required to be publicly posted are posted on Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. RFP’s and IFB’s provided on this page may or may not be up to date, and may or may not include required amendments or addenda. Failure of an Offeror to comply with provisions of an RFP, IFB, addendum/amendment due to anything provided, or not provided, on this page, will not be excused by the City of Colorado Springs. The RFP’s or IFB’s included on Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and Bonfire Interactive Procurement Portal remain the authoritative and valid version for procurement purposes.

Not all open RFP’s and IFB’s are listed yet.

Open RFPs and IFBs

City of Colorado Springs Police Department De-Escalation Virtual Reality Equipment and Training Project

  1. RFP R22-110AM

City of Colorado Springs Electronic Ticketing Project

  1. RFP R22-111AM

Circle Drive Bridges Replacement Project

  1. B22-T113AM IFB

Fire Department Roof Prop Demo & Construction

  1. B22-103KK IFB

Transit Maintenance Electric Meter Retrofit

  1. Q22-097 RFQ

Monument Valley Park: Duck & Shadow Lakes Project

  1. R22-100AM RFP

Shadow Lake Irrigation Project (ARPA)

  1. R22-096AM RFP

Duck Lake Irrigation Project (ARPA)

  1. R22-095AM RFP

Municipal Court Audio Visual Upgrades

  1. R22-077CA RFP

Creative Marketing

  1. R22-053NS RFP

HVAC Air Purification System - Transit Administration Building

  1. Q22-078DS RFQ (Informal)
  2. Addendum 01
  3. Addendum 02

Cemetery Irrigation Design Services ARPA

  1. R22-092MZ RFP

Academy Blvd Improvement Project Construction Phase 1&2

  1. B22-T080KK IFB

Cottonwood Creek Channel Rehabilitation Reach 1 and Reach 1b

  1. B22-088MZ IFB

Pike Ride Expansion Project

  1. B22-090MZ IFB

Jimmy Camp Creek Archaeological Survey

  1. R22-085NS IFP

Aging Terminal Project COS Airport

  1. R22-091NS RFP

Irrigation Design Services – Patty Jewett and Valley Hi Golf Courses (ARPA)

  1. R22-086MZ RFP

Disaster Recovery Planning Project

  1. R22-072MZ

MMT Route 1 & 7

  1. B22-081MZ

    Fixed Route and Deviated Fixed Route Srevices

    1. R22-065 PB
      1. Schedule A - Pricing Template
      2. Addendum #01
      3. Addendum #02

    Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Queueing Area Expansion

    1. B22-079NS IFB

    City-Wide Elevator Maintenance

    1. R22-049CA RFP

    Bandshell Feasibility Study for Acacia Park

    1. R22-075NS RFI

    Transit Campus Expansion Furniture

    1. R22-067DS RFP
    2. Transit Campus Expansion (TCE) Furniture Project Pricing Table
    3. Addendum 01
      1. Architectural Selected
      2. Pre-Proposal Slides
      3. Pre-Proposal Sign In Sheet
    4. Addendum 02
      1. A111.dwg
      2. A101.dwg
    5. Exhibit 9- Proposer/ Bidder's List Information

    North Douglas Creek Channel Resoration

    1. R22-068MZ RFP

    Root Plate Removal

    1. R22-062CA RFP
    2. Addendum 1

    3. Addendum 2

    Fire Alarm System Replacement - ARPA Funded

    1. R22-051AF RFP

    Medical Plan Administration

    1. R22-040NS RFP

    PikeRide Expansion Construction Project

    1. IFB B22-064AM

    Senior Center Public Involvement Services

    1. R22-063MZ RFP

    Senior Center Project Management Services

    1. R22-058MZ RFP

    Banking Services

    1. R22-037MZ RFP

    Municipal Court Generator Replacement General Contractor

    1. R22-059MZ RFP

    South Monument Valley Water Utility Design Project – ARPA Funded

    1. R22-046AM RFP

    Adaman Alley CMGC

    1. R22-T042NS RFP

    Landscape Maintenance for Transit Campus and Park N

    1. R22-010 PB RFP

    CSPD POC Generator Replacement Project

    1. R22-021AM RFP

    On-Call Air Service Development Consulting

    1. R22-027CA RFP

    IT Engineering Services

    1. R22-054MZ RFP

    CSFD Fire Station #24 Design Services

    1. R22-032MZ RFP

    CSFD PPE Cleaning, Inspection & Repair Services

    1. R22-044MZ RFP

    Pioneers Museum Renovation & HVAC System Rebuild

    1. R22-057MZ RFP

    222 East Pikes Peak Avenue - Professional Services

    1. R22-018 AD RFP
    2. Addendum 01 R22-018 AD
    3. Addendum 02 R22-018 AD
      1. Attachment A - Prompt Payment to Subcontractors
      2. Attachment B - Pre-proposal Conference Slides
      3. Attachment C - Pre-proposal Sign-In Sheet

    R22-050MZ Park Vista Drainage Improvements Design Services

    1. RFP R22-050MZ

    eSignature Services

    1. R22-043MZ  RFP

    Sign Faces, Complete Signs & Rolled goods

    1. R22-T017KK RFP

    Automatic Passenger Counter Purchase and Installation

    1. RFP R22-025DS 
    2. Price Sheet R22-025DS
    3. Addendum 01 R22-025DS
    4. Addendum 03 R22-025DS
    5. Addendum 04 R22-025DS
    6. Attachment B R22-025DS
    7. Attachment C R22-025DS

    Us Highway 24 & Peterson Rd Interchange Design

    1. R22-028KK RFP
    2. Exhibit 5.2
    3. Exhibit 5.3

    Construction Management, Materials Testing and Inspection Services for the Circle Drive Bridges Replacement Project

    1. R22-T017AM RFP

    Cemetery Mowing Services – Evergreen and Fairview Cemeteries

    1. R22-034AM RFP

    R22-005NS Temporary Staffing Services

    1. R22-005NS RFP

    R22-026NS Panorama Park Call to Artists

    1. Informal RFP# R22-026NS
    2. Panorama Park Project Page
    3. Addendum #1 Questions & Answers

    R22-024 PB On-call environmental services

    1. R22-024 PB RFQ

    R22-009SL SIMD Turf Mowing

    1. R22-009SL RFP
    2. Schedule A.1
    3. Schedule A.2
    4. SMID Turf Groupings

    B21-168NS Taxiway Bravo Rehab Project

    1. B21-168NS IFB

    R21-084AM On-Call Irrigation Service Providers

    R21-167MZ CSFD Class B & C Uniforms

    R21-159AM Red Rock Canyon Landfill Monitoring and Maintenance Project

    R21-158NS Consultant Services Sustainability Action Plan

    1. RFP R21-158NS

    R21-092MZ Monument Creek USAFA Corridor Planning Study

    1. RFP R21-092MZ

    R21-044AM Chiller Removal and Replacement

    1. RFP R21-044AM

    R21-055NS FSA HRA Benefits Administration Services

    Employee Assistance Program

    RFP 21-052 Armored Car Services

    R21- 063NS Drug Free Workplace Services

    R21-083NS Community Plan

    R21-091DS Cemetery Endowment Fund 

    R21-100 DS Wayfinding signs

    R21-074 NS Airport Concessionaire Services

    R21-113NS Platte Ave Tree Removal and Pruning Services

    R21-109AM Coleman Community Park Master PlanA plan for the development of a portion of the city that contains proposed land uses, a generalized transportation system, and the relationship of the area included in the plan to surrounding property. Professional Design Services

    R21-T128AM I-25 Ramps: S Nevada Ave/S Tejon St Corridor Improvements Professional Engineering and Construction Management Services Project

    R21-132 NS Operation and Management of Westside Community Center