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Physical readiness tests and standards are critical because officers will be called up to perform important, often critical, physical job functions with serious implications.  It is essential to ensure all officers are physically capable and prepared to perform their job wherever and whenever required. 

The Colorado Springs Police Department’s Physical Readiness Test is comprised of seven (7) components.  The test is a pass/fail portion of the police officer selection process.  Candidates MUST pass each of the seven (7) components in order to continue in the selection process.

The test will be administered to those individuals who receive a conditional offer of employment and are selected for employment.  A final offer of employment will not be given unless the Physical Readiness Test is successfully completed.

The components and the passing standards are below.  Each component also has a video demonstration.


The requirements to pass are as follows:

Event Requirement to Pass

Vertical Jump

15 inches
Bench Press 60% of candidate's body weight
Illinois Agility Run 22.2 seconds or less
Sit-Ups 25 in one minute
300-meter run 76 seconds or less
Push-Ups 19
Beep Test Level 4, Shuttle 4

When advised, reasonable accommodations will be made in order for an “otherwise qualified applicant” with a disability to participate in the testing process (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991).  Applicants who require reasonable accommodations to test should contact our agency by the close of the application process.  Accommodations must be requested prior to taking any of the testing components. If you would like to request an accommodation, please complete the Test Accommodation form.