Crystal Creek Reservoir dam work to continue in 2022

Maintenance and repair work to Crystal Creek Reservoir dam on the north slope of Pikes Peak has been extended through summer 2022.

The work, which began in June of this year, was to include resurfacing of the dam's steel face. Due to nationwide supply shortages, that portion of the work cannot be completed at this time. Since resurfacing must be conducted during stretches of warm temperatures, resurfacing has been postponed to next spring/summer in anticipation of necessary materials.

The reservoir, which was constructed in 1935 and features a steel face that is found in only five other dams in Colorado, was originally slated for routine maintenance and repair in 2020. However, pandemic-related delays have extended the project's timeline. Much of the planned work, including rock mitigation, concrete repair and outlet improvements, has been completed. The structural integrity of the dam remains intact.

Crystal Creek Reservoir is one of three reservoirs operated by Colorado Springs Utilities on the North Slope of Pikes Peak. The Pikes Peak Highway crosses the reservoir dam approximately 4.5 miles from the toll entrance. The reservoir is drawn down and remains closed to boating and shoreline fishing, although designated area trails remain accessible. Visitors are asked to stay out of fenced construction areas.

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Colorado Springs Utilities manages a total of 25 reservoirs in its broad water system. The other reservoirs are providing adequate storage for Colorado Springs while Crystal Creek Reservoir is down for maintenance.