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The City of Colorado Springs utilizes a Recovery Plan to determine how we will respond to a large scale disaster or emergency. We look at recovery in two phases:

  1. Short-Term Recovery begins shortly after the incident occurs and may go on for days or even weeks.  This phase of recovery addresses and prioritizes unmet needs, damage assessment, health and safety needs beyond rescue, the restoration of basic infrastructure, and the mobilization of recovery organizations and resources. Short-term recovery is usually managed from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) through the Emergency Support Functions (ESF).
  2. Long-Term Recovery refers to the months and years after the incident. This phase of recovery may address and prioritize such issues as: cost recovery and reimbursement; development and revitalization of the impacted area; rebuilding damaged or destroyed structures and infrastructure; and a move to self-sufficiency, sustainability, and resilience. Long-term recovery is usually managed by the Recovery Manager with assistance from Recovery Support Functions (RSF).