Plan and Construction Review Status

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We are in the process of transitioning to a new plan review and inspection database.  As a result, the plan review and plan log status reports will change and may not be available for a period of time.  Please be patient with us during this transition as we work hard to improve our processes and communication to our customers.

Attention Contractors - the 2015 International Fire Code is now in effect.

  • View your Plan review status: Use this link to access your plan review comments for up to 30 days.  Plans are arranged alphabetically by address.  Plans will no address can be found at the bottom of the page.  Note – ALL reviews will be re-posted with each subsequent review.  Be sure you are looking at the most recently dated review.
  • View your Plan log status: Use this link to see where your plans are in the queue. This list is presented in alphabetical order by address.
  • The noted disapproved items might not include a complete list of violations. The designer is to conduct a complete re-review of the plans for additional violations of codes or standards and incorrect information prior to resubmitting. There may be redlines on the plans that need to be addressed as well.

System plans must be picked up within 30 days. All system plans left longer than 30 days will be discarded as abandoned and an invoice will be mailed.

    Overview of the Plan Review Status web pages

    • The plan review status for system, construction, and hazmat plans reviewed in the last 30 days by Fire Prevention personnel will be displayed
    • The information will be updated every hour 7:30 - 6:30.
    • The following information is displayed on the main plan review status page:
    1. Street Number
    2. Street Name
    3. Business Name
    4. Building Name
    5. Review Status
    6. Contractor
    7. Plan Type
    8. Plan Id
    9. Review Date
    10. Reviewer
    • The information is displayed in a table ordered by street name.
    • Plans will have a link to view the plan review comments associated with the review.

    Use your browser's page search capability to help find a particular plan.  For example, in Internet Explorer you can press "Ctrl-F" or select menu item "Edit -> Find" to search the page by business name, contractor, street name, etc.

    To contact Planning and Development Staff, please call: (719) 385-5982

    Construction Plan Information

    Residential Construction Information

    Options to Standard Plan Review Wait Times

    Need your plans faster?  Our turnaround times are among the lowest you will find in cities experiencing similar growth and staffing.  Still, there may be times you need your plans reviewed more quickly.  We are happy to provide three options to the stand review wait time.  Please click the link for details: