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The Operations Division is responsible for all emergency responses throughout the city of Colorado Springs. . The CSFD responds to  local emergencies with more than 400 Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians who work on one of three shifts from 23 fire stations strategically located throughout the city’s 194 square miles. The fire stations are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Operations Division utilizes 23 engine companies (staffed with a company officer, driver/engineer, firefighter/paramedic, and firefighter); six truck companies (staffed with a company officer, driver/engineer, and two firefighters); three medical squads (staffed with a firefighter/paramedic and a firefighter); and one technical rescue company (staffed with a company officer, driver/engineer, and two firefighters). Additional emergency response equipment includes 17 wildland trucks for off-road response to vegetation fires, two hazardous materials vehicles, one hazardous materials decontamination vehicle, and a variety of passenger vehicles such as pick-up trucks.

Examples of the types of emergencies for which your Colorado Springs firefighters are trained and equipped to respond include all types of  building fires, wildland fires, vehicle fires, and trash fires; emergency medical situations such as heart attacks, respiratory distress, and seizures; traffic accidents including those with people trapped in the vehicle; hazardous material releases such as propane, natural gas, and other harmful chemicals; and technical rescues of all types such as water rescue, cave-in, building collapse, rope rescue, and many others.

In addition to the emergency incidents that CSFD personnel respond to every year, they also provide non-emergency services such as building safety inspections, smoke alarm installation, fire station tours, blood pressure checks, safe driving demonstrations, fire station and equipment maintenance, and other similar activities.