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The currently adopted fire code requires trained crowd managers for facilities or events where more than 500 persons congregate indoors. The minimum number of crowd managers shall be established at a ratio of one crowd manager to every 250 persons. This Crowd Manager Training program, created by Fire Marshal Support Services, was developed in conjunction with a committee of fire marshals and other public safety community professionals.

This course includes four segments, or “lessons”.  The lessons focus on the roles and responsibilities of the crowd manager before an event, during an event, and in cases of emergency. The course includes prevention strategies to avoid a serious incident, and also provides evacuation and defend in place strategies. The students will find the lessons to be interactive, with several quizzes to assure their understanding, and interesting reading material about how some of the past disasters could have had different outcomes. 
In order to be awarded a completion certificate, the student must pass a final examination with a minimum score of 80. 
Participants who successfully complete the course will learn how to:
  • Conduct pre-event inspections to identify problems with exits and egress paths and ensure required fire systems are operational
  • Use a portable fire extinguisher
  • Guide the crowd in an emergency
  • Recognize when to use protection strategies, including defend-in-place, evacuation or partial evacuation
  • React to deteriorating weather conditions
  • Identify problem attendees and how to respond once they're identified
  • Coordinate with emergency responders

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