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Fee Determination Process

How Fees Are Determined

Per Colorado Regulatory Statute 24-72-306(1) a criminal justice agency can assess reasonable fees, that do not exceed actual costs, to recover the cost of searching for, retrieving, copying, and redaction of criminal justice records. The statute caps the cost of a photocopy at $0.25 per page. In determine the fees for the Schedule of Fees, the following process applies:

STEP 1: Determining the Hourly Rate In determining the Hourly Rate, the employee classification most often processing the request was used. The benefit factor is an estimate of the cost of the non-monetary portions of an employee's compensation and is supplied by Human Resources. The formula used is:  Hourly Pay Rate x 126% = Hourly Rate  (IE: $19.08/hr x 126% = $24.08/hr)

STEP 2: Determining the Quarter Rate The CSPD has determined that it on average takes approximately 15 minutes to process the release of an average record. To accurately assess fees,  the determined Hourly Rate from Step 1 is divided into quarter hours. The formula used is: Hourly Rate / 4 = Quarterly Rate (IE: 24.08 / 4 = 6.02/Quarter hour or per 15 minutes) ) Classifications & Salaries Used In Determining the Current Fee Schedule

Position Salary/ Hour Benefit Factor Quarterly Rate
Crime Lab Supervisor $ 37.00 126% $ 11.66
Crime Scene Technician $ 25.15 126% $ 7.92
DNA Technical Leader $ 42.82 126% $ 13.49
Forensic Chemist, Senior $ 33.88 126% $ 10.67
Forensic Chemist $ 26.97 126% $ 8.50
Office Specialist $ 19.08 126% $ 6.02
Tape Specialist, Communications $ 15.00 126% $4.73

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