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Graffiti Notification Form


Please complete the following form to send your graffiti notification via email to the CSPD Code Enforcement Section. According to City Code 9.6.606, the owner or occupant of real property is required to remove graffiti within 10 days after notice of the graffiti’s existence. 

CSPD Code Enforcement can ONLY enforce codes within the City of Colorado Springs. Please contact El Paso County Code Enforcement at 719-520-6300 for complaints within unincorporated El Paso County (not within the city limits).

You must provide your name and current telephone number so the Code Enforcement can contact you to verify information and/or obtain further information if needed.

Thank you for taking th etime to let us know abou tthis graffiti. The City does NOT remove graffiti from private property but will provide resource information to the property owner.

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