Colorado's small airport completes big runway project

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The Colorado Springs Airport just completed a major rehabilitation project to its west runway. The project included milling, paving, grooving, all new LED signs and lights and reflective paint. Approximately 85,000 tons of asphalt was used to rehabilitate the runway, and over 20 percent of that was recycled asphalt.

The $18 million cost was part of the Airport Improvement Program (AIP), which is supported by the FAA.

The runway was closed for 90 days while the project was completed. The expected life of the airfield's asphalt is roughly 20 years. As this runway was approaching that point, the rehabilitation of the pavement extended its life another 20 years.

“This project was a big undertaking logistically but was necessary for the operations of the airport and safety of aircraft,” said, Brett Miller, Assistant Director of Operations.

“RS&H and Kiewit were incredible partners during this project and were consistently ahead of schedule throughout the process,” said Steven Gaeta, Airport Construction Manager.

Another key partnership in this project was with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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